Just leave me alone.


"Okay. I’m sorry. Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing."

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Shaggy was fast asleep on the couch. He had been for at least 20 minutes. The sight of him on the couch with his head tipped back against the couch and his mouth hanging open made it pretty clear to anybody who came in the room that he was completely out of it and not even Trill’s giggles could disturb his slumber. He shifted slightly onto his side as she began to laugh—not long after the scent of the soap caused him to sneeze and woke him up. He stared down at the puddle on the couch—confused about what had happened. Forcing himself to get up, he began to walk into the kitchen and approach Trill, “Hey.” 

"So…." He ran his fingers through his hair as he was about to explain to her the couch was wet and he had no idea why. As he felt the dampness on his hand, Shaggy made a face and pulled his hand away to examine it. He stared at the soap bubbles in confusion before finally glancing over to Trill without another word.

Trill stood with her back to the sink while she waited to see if Shaggy would get up to investigate what was going on. It wasn’t long before she heard him sneeze and then the couch creak as he began to get up. Biting her lip to help suppress the laughter, she watched as he appeared in the doorway and spoke. “Hey yourself.”


“Mm?” she murmured, wondering if maybe he hadn’t realized what had happened – which turned out to be the case from his actions. Wrapping her arms around her middle she lowered her head a little, body shaking with laughter. Slowly she looked up at him and shook her head with a small smirk, “Shaggy, I’m sorry.” Turning around she scooped up more bubbles before turning back to him and going over to dab some on his chin and cheeks. “Okay. I’m not really that sorry, because this is fun and you look cute. And if you’re even thinking of doing this to me, you’re gonna have to catch me first.” She took a small step away from him, her smile growing playfully, eyes lighting up, though it faltered slightly. “Unless of course you aren’t in the mood.” 

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"So I’ve just put the kettle on. Would you like to join me for tea?"

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"Oh god. Ow. Trying to do a cartwheel with one hand was a huge mistake."

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// I am stupidly happy and oddly refreshed by the changes I just made around Trill’s blog. New icon and new theme (tho hopefully the colour scheme doesn’t hurt anyone’s eyes) does wonders to the old blog. 

Now I just need to get back into posting. If anybody wants a thread, or to plot or something, let me know <3 

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Cut Loose || Hayyel


Hayyel was very aware of his movements as he stood there. He didn’t dare move just yet. Human grief and behavior were two wide spectrum that he was still slow to understand. Humanity could be far too unpredictable for his liking, but he did his best to try and empathize. His fingers longed to wrap around a weapon, or at least something that he could use to defend himself. There were a few items within reach, but the cold edge on his neck kept him still.

"Ah, yes…well," he cleared his throat, shutting his eyes as the blade shifted against his vessel’s skin. "The majority does not speak for me in that regard." 
The captive studied the woman’s face. The gathering of moisture in her eyes. Was she injured? He didn’t sense it, but then again, others hid their wounds quite well. Survival demanded that quality most often times. And yet, he had seen similar looks in the eyes of the lost and the wounded repeatedly - though they were not held in the eyes of man.


He could value the presence of air in his vessel’s lungs again once the weapon was lowered away from his neck. Reaching up he rubbed the skin, checked for blood, trying to wear the mental discomfort away with his fingertips. He rocked back but then slowly shifted his weight towards her again. No, safety was still a concern. What was he to do in times like these? He was not built to comfort the weary. A body he could mend, a soul he could save, and he could fight - but easing the trespasses of a mind…

"No word?" he asked, confused by what his sibling apparently had done. "I, I am sorry."

“No? Then you’re a rare one.” She sniffled as she lowered the blade away from his neck, the tip coming to rest in the dirt of the forest floor, her hand still holding tightly to the hilt like a lifeline, the weapon ready to wield if necessary. So far Hayyel had been keeping to his word, and even though her emotions were on high she began to relax a little in his presence.

“None. No,” Trill managed to answer, voice small. Bringing a hand up she wiped away the tears from her cheek. “Don’t…” This wasn’t possible, she was never supposed to be free. And why was he apologizing? “Don’t say that. Not your fault.”

A sound behind him caught her attention and she quickly moved to sit on her haunches, blade raising. “Tell me they’re with you.” It wasn’t a question. A figure was standing in the shadows out of the clearing they were in and as they stepped forward their eyes rolled back revealing deep dark pools. “Aw shit.” Heart hammering as she jumped to her feet Trill stumbled backwards as it approached them its eyes returning to normal.


“Fuck.” With no angel there was no supernatural abilities like flying, though the angel in front of her could do that. Didn’t mean he’d want to help her though, and Trill’s hunting skills were rusty, but if she had to fight, now would be the time to shake off the cobwebs. Swallowing her fear she raised the blade up and spoke to Hayyel in a low voice, “Think I can ask a favour? Can you get us the hell out of here…?”


Another sound from behind and Trill turned her head slightly, seeing a second demon standing a few feet away. “Unless you want to fight. In which case, baldy is yours.”

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Trill had piled up the dishes after dinner, setting them on the counter beside the sink. Turning on the water she reached for the dish soap and began to dump it in when the cap came off spilling more than its fair share into the water.

“Oh shit! Shit,” she gasped and quickly dove her hand under the hot soapy water to find it. “Gotcha you little bugger.” Capping it back on and setting the bottle back down, she turned and watched in horror as the soap bubbles began to expand over the height of the sink. Realizing the water was still on she stopped it. “Well this… sucks.” 

Except, as she watched the foamy soap begin to pop she began to get an idea in her head and grinned. It had been a long time since she’d played with it before and Shaggy was only in the other room… Scooping up two handfuls she went through to where he sat on the couch and crept up behind him. With a stifled giggle she put the soap in his hair and on his shoulders, the giggle turning over into a fit of laughter. 


Before she could even say anything else she retreated back into the kitchen, readying in case he came back to counter her little attack. 

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"Like I said, be careful hun." 

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1 + Entered the B&B

“I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” Trill called out into the hall as she heard the chimes ring at the front door of the B&B. Setting down the tray of cookies she’d been baking she headed out into the cozy front foyer. Fiddling with her apron straps she didn’t look up at first as she greeted the stranger, “Hi! Sorry. Can I help you?” 


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