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trilliumjones pondered: Guess what?



….Like I’m trying not to say chicken butt right now. ...What?

He grinned at her.

You could say that.

Hearing what she’d said, he set the plates down on the living room table before looking back up at her. It was odd that Scooby had managed to disappear like that. Especially when he knew food was coming. He crossed his arms and stood up straight. Shaking his head

Like, I don’t think Heaven played any part in this. Check that pizza box Trill.

He’d had Scooby for years and he knew how crafty he could be when food was involved. There were times when Shaggy would turn his back and find an entire sandwich had vanished. And it made sense why he hadn’t seen or heard from the dog the entire time they’d been waiting. Scooby’d probably been watching for the delivery guy to come the whole time. He just hoped the entire pizza wasn’t gone already. Though she had ordered two. Maybe one of them was spared.

Trill frowned at Shaggy in confusion, not at all catching on to why that had to do with Scooby being - Oh. Setting the two boxes down she flipped one of the lids off and froze. 

Ugh. There’s two slices in here! 

Quickly flipping the next lid off she sighed with relief as she discovered one whole pizza left. 

Thank god he didn’t get to this one. But still. He shouldn’t have done that. Or better yet the pizza guy shoulda mentioned something. 

Grumbling and taking a seat on the couch, she lifted a slice of her kind out, before gesturing for Shaggy to sit down. 

I’m not gonna stop you from having a few of mine. I probably wasn’t gonna eat the whole thing anyway. 

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Anonymous pondered: No. I cannot knot.



"So are you fit to be tied?"


"I didn’t start anything."


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Anonymous pondered: No. I cannot knot.


"So are you fit to be tied?"


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trilliumjones pondered: Guess what?



….Like I’m trying not to say chicken butt right now. ...What?

Shaggy laughed

Yeah? You think? Maybe next time because like I’m not sure how quickly I could do it but we’ll have to try starting right after you order and time it.

His fingers moved faster through her hair as he felt her tongue grazing his. He was having a hard time not taking this farther but he knew the minute he did…Yup. That was the doorbell alright. Letting go of the strand of hair he was holding as she moved away when the doorbell rang. Taking his hands off her back so she could get up.

It did. Seriously though like I don’t know if I can even go up the stairs that fast. Like, that’s what happens when you get old.

He grinned. He was joking of course. He could get up the stairs in probably 30 seconds if he wanted to. Though he’d probably be too out of breath to do anything if he raced up them.

Yeah sure, like I can do that.

He kissed her one last time and reached out to squeeze her hand before she walked away. He pouted slightly. On one hand it meant he could eat now. And he certainly loved to eat. On the other though he didn’t really want her to move. He shifted slightly hesitating for a few seconds as he tried to motivate himself to get up and grab the plates

Finally he convinced himself to get up and head to the kitchen. He wasn’t really sure where he was supposed to put them. Dining room table? Living Room table? He glanced from one to the other. Oh wait. She was back anyways.

I am. Hey Trill, like where are we gonna eat that?

He pointed towards the pizza box, plate still in his hand.

Trill raised a brow. 

Challenge accepted. 

As hungry as she was, it was disappointing how fast the pizza guy had arrived, taking them away from their moment. She stuck her tongue out at him at his joke. 

Old, but young at heart. Right? 

She nodded, about to pull back before he kissed her and she smiled into his lips. Squeezing his hand in return she headed off to get the pizza and tip the guy. Coming back, she stopped at his question and shrugged. 

Guess we can eat it in the TV room. Gotta tell Scooby the foods here. I’m surprised he didn’t coming racing in when the doorbell rang. 

A thought dawned on her and she glanced in the direction of where Heaven was located. 

You don’t think Heaven got to him? I mean, she wouldn’t do anything, she gets on with him well enough… but… maybe she’s got him in a game of sudden-death Battleship. Down to two ships left. That can get pretty intense. 

It was about the only thing she could imagine that might have captured Scooby’s attention. Though she also knew she could be wrong… 

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"Couldn’t sleep either, eh?" Trill asked, hearing the sound of footsteps approaching.

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"We can go wander around the places that we’ve never been to." Puss said, smirking slightly, "…Or face some dangers along the way, if you like that."

Trill bounced to her feet, beaming, “How about we do both? And see which comes first? C’mon. Let’s go….” Turning on the spot she pointed in a new direction and looked down at Puss with a wink, “That way! Sound good?” 


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trilliumjones pondered: Guess what?



….Like I’m trying not to say chicken butt right now. ...What?

Like I’m not really sure why but for some reason I can totally picture you doing that. Although like is it a fair to assume that you’d probably rather do it with a sword or something?

He raised a curious eyebrow and smirked at her

And like what comes after the pizza? Dessert?

Shaggy grinned as she wrapped an arm around him and moved forward so she had some room to stick one of her hands on his back without it being squished.

Yeah? Is there? And what exactly can we do in that time? Because like last I checked, we were still trying to figure that out.

He bit his lip and ran his hand up and down her back before grinning.

Oh. That. Hmmm…like you really think it can be done in eight minutes? It’s realllllllllly tempting but like I think it’d take me that long to take my socks off. If you’re offering though like I’m definitely gonna take you up on it, like it just means I’m gonna have to eat my pizza really fast.

He leaned forward and kissed her again, moving his hand up to play with her hair.

Trill grinned at the image then shook her head.

As long as it’s a pirate sword, then I suppose I would do it. 

She winked at him. 

Mm, you bet it does. 

Moving her hand along his back, she drew circles with her fingers.

Oh you know what we could get up to.  

She momentarily shut her eyes at his touch, smirking as she listened to him talk and figure out what she meant. 

Yeah. That. Don’t know. Could be a challenge worth trying. Trust me, I can get your socks off faster than it would take the pizza guy to get here. But we can wait, I’m okay with that. 

She kissed him back, deeply, her hand slipping under his shirt, fingers trailing along his bare skin. Parting his lips her tongue playfully found his for a moment before she pulled back, the doorbell ringing. 

Man, eight minutes went by quicker than I thought. I’ll go get it. Could you go get some plates? 

Stealing one last long kiss, she moved off of him, already missing his warmth. Grabbing her purse off the floor, she opened the door, paid and tipped, then headed back in with the pizzas in hand. 

Alright. Who’s hungry?

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a month of music 23/31

over the hills and far away - nightwish

over the hills and far away
for ten long years he counted days
over the mountains and the seas
a prisoner’s life for him there’ll be

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trilliumjones pondered: ◊


 Put a “◊” in my ask for a sticky note left
on your fridge in the morning by my muse.


Trill plucked the note off the fridge and grinned as she read it to herself. A week with Martin was going to be an adventure. 

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