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I'm an angel vessel and a hunter.

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Swallowtail Butterfly (by C. J. Vizzone)


Swallowtail Butterfly (by C. J. Vizzone)

Mystery Guest - Trill, Shaggy, Fred.



It went without saying that he also hoped nothing bad would come out of it. But life sometimes had it’s own plans. Though he and Scooby hadn’t ran into anything lately. Then again maybe that was the calm before the storm. Not that he didn’t think Trill could handle it. Although his ideas of what the mafia did still came from movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas. Either way—as always his love of food overpowered his fear of running into anything shady,  “Groovy, Trill. Like we’ll totally have to make a trip out there sometime.”

Shaggy shook his head in disbelief at her and grinned, “I still can’t believe you went through all that trouble. I mean like the food was one thing. But dying all that snow? You could’ve easily just left your sculptures white.” Especially since he knew she wasn’t a big fan of the cold weather to begin with.  “Seriously though like those are all really easy to get so like now that you’ve said the word I’m doing it.”

He nodded, “Right. Maybe. Like we’ll have to see how this all works out.” He had never exactly been the one in the gang to plan parties or meetings. He had no problem coming up with things to do, making snacks, or decorating. It was the organizing part he had difficulties with. The keeping in contact and making schedules. He sometimes would up making last minute plans and it was a little harder to call somebody up in the middle of the day and ask them if they wanted to go hang out. Especially when they were as busy as the rest of the gang seemed to be.

"Thanks guys." It was true that two things had remained constant all these years no matter what. Food and Scooby. Though many times when he and Scoob were alone the meals were back to their unusual combinations. He didn’t do it so much when other people were involved unless they were alright with the idea. He shook his head at Trill, "Nah like not on every mystery. Sometimes I was and like sometimes somebody else was. A lot of times we went out to eat at diners." Though he honestly couldn’t remember either of the girls ever cooking. He wasn’t doing to bring it up in case he’d just forgotten.


He stopped chewing his spaghetti to answer Fred, “Yes like we both still eat Scooby snacks…” He glanced over at Trill as she responded, “And like I think that answers your other question. No I haven’t.” He made a face as he went to defend himself, “They are but like I mean I’m not gonna let Scooby eat something that I wouldn’t eat myself.” He often told the dog that he wouldn’t make him do anything he wouldn’t do himself either. Which is how they usually both got baited into things. Although Shaggy would be a liar if he were to tell them he didn’t try backing out when he knew they were going to be used to attract masked criminals. Shaggy swallowed his spaghetti, “If it’s not good enough for me then like it’s not good enough for him.” Which had hardly ever been a problem. He could count on one hand the things he’d eaten that he refused to eat ever again. “Like they’re actually pretty delicious.” And addictive. But that went without saying. Most snack foods are.

"Remember the Scooby Snack factory?” Fred added, sending a small gesture to Shaggy with his fork. “That was pretty neat, huh?”

It had been a day to remember, that was for sure - and though it was Shaggy and Scooby’s treat even the rest of the gang had become engrossed in the workings of the factory too. They might not have eaten them themselves, but that didn’t mean a real tour explaining how the mysterious snacks were made hadn’t been fun.

There’d been a monster, too - the daughter of the company’s founder trying to scare away thieves looking for the Scooby Snack secret recipe - but the gang had uncovered more than one questionable operation on the premises. It had been one of their more memorable cases, a monster made of snack batter, and Fred was sure if Shaggy and Scooby ate like normal people they would still have the lifetime’s supply of Scooby Snacks to prove it.


"They got rewarded with a lifetime of biscuits for helping catch the monster we ran into there.” He explained, to Trill this time, in a little more detail. “It was gone in six seconds; which was why Daph, Velma and I were usually the ones holding onto the boxes instead. Medically, we weren’t allowed to let Shaggy take care of them.”

He didn’t know how much Trill knew about Shaggy’s life before he’d met her, but Fred could bet he’d left out some of the parts which didn’t make him look quite so cool. But what else was Fred Jones, Professional Best Friend and Long-Certified Meddling Kid here for? This was practically his job.

"Has he made you chocolate-covered corn on the cob yet? It’s actually not even close to as bad as it sounds.”

“Yes we will,” Trill replied with a grin and wink. “Sounds like it’ll be a good time.” They’d be fine, or at least she hoped the trip would be.

Her cheeks began to turn red and she dipped her head down for a moment, “Wasn’t gonna happen. I wanted to make it look colourful, plus it ended up being a lot of fun. Even more fun when we got around to playing it.” She nodded, “Yup, we can probably pick them up at the dollar store or something. We’ll have to do it sometime this week.”

She nodded as well, “We can figure it out before I go if you’d like. Plan it out.” There was no way she’d leave for Wales without helping him, especially if he was really considering having the reunion.

Smiling at him before casting her gaze down to the food on her plate, she twirled up a forkful of spaghetti and ate some. “No? That surprises me, I figured you’d be the one to contribute to the cooking, but I guess when you’re traveling so much you cant always cook your own meals, especially stopping for something is easier.”

It took her a second to realize Shaggy was being serious about eating the Scooby Snacks, and she quickly gave him an apologetic look, “It certainly does answer that, but now I wish you’d told me. I’ve just been buying Scooby those snacks and if I’d know you’d like them I would have picked them up for you too.” Though she could only imagine how fast he’d have to be at eating them before Scooby tried his hand at getting to the ones she’d bought for Shaggy. “No. Understandable. Though I wouldn’t apply that logic to Heaven’s food,” she smirked at Shaggy jokingly. “Yeah? Are they? Hmm.” She wasn’t sure she’d feel the same way towards them especially considering Shaggy enjoyed pretty much every kind of food, but maybe they were worth a try.

“Scooby Snack factory?” Trill repeated curiously. Her eyes went between the two of them for a moment before back down to her dinner as she twirled up another forkful of spaghetti. Glancing up quickly she wasn’t sure if she heard Fred right and pointed her fork at Shaggy, spaghetti dangling at the end of it, “Wait, run that by me again. You mean he caught the monster?” Her eyes went to Shaggy and she beamed, “So much for being scared all the time while mystery solving. That’s awesome.” Though she knew how he felt about supernatural things, especially the kind they’d both dealt with, it was still nice to hear that he’d been brave and helped catch the creature. Her smile never faded even as she turned her attention back to Fred, “Six seconds? So.. wait, if it’s a lifetime supply doesn’t it mean he gets it all his life? Or is that not how that works?” Medically? Uh oh. That didn’t sound good.


Shaking her head at Fred’s question, she raised a brow in surprise, “Really? Do you just dip it in chocolate or…?”


Fred groaned, dropping his face into his hands. It was beginning to make sense now, all the little fragments of the past beginning to link together. He liked Daphne - well, that he’d always known, but he liked her? Like… like

It was hard to get his head around. He couldn’t quite formulate the thought.

It made sense, though. The way he’d always split up with Daphne rather than anyone else, the way he’d always worried desperately when she got kidnapped or lived up to her name of danger-prone, the way they’d sit beside each other in the Mystery Machine and exchange shy glances, the way Fred would always feel like his heart was on fire when the redhead kissed him on the cheek.

And there was the fact he’d never really imagined life without her. He’d always been somewhat prepared for everyone to grow up, when Mystery Inc. would stop being kids and start being adults wanting to go their separate ways, but every future Fred had envisioned had always had Daphne there somewhere. A friend, a coworker… and then there was the thing about kids.

She was still around, too, when they worked together on Coast to Coast with Daphne Blake. Shaggy and Velma had moved on - though they still saw one another sometimes - but Fred and Daphne remained very close. Fred hadn’t been wrong.

Thinking about being without her hurt.


"I don’t… aw.” He murmured, pulling his hands away with a perplexed look etched deep into his face. "I think… I-I think I might be in love with Daphne.”

Trill bit down on her lower lip as she heard Fred groan, wondering if she’d said something to upset him or if something was wrong, reaching out a hand to pat his shoulder she decided to hold back from doing it and slowly dropped it back down. Whatever the reason behind the groan was, he certainly seemed to be either thinking or contemplating the topic at hand.

Don’t?” she repeated as she caught his little mumble. Seeing his face made her straighten up a bit, but his words brought forth a grin, “Yea? You do?! Well you know what you gotta do next right? You’ve gotta tell her! Find out how she feels. Do you have any idea on how you’d do it?”



Puss stopped and looked at her, laughing softly, “Don’t worry. We’re already close.” He said, pointing at the waterfall.

“We are! But you’re still gonna beat me to the falls,” Trill explained, slowing down her pace and trying to catch her breath.

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Send me ' ~♫' For my muse to sing to yours, with random lyrics from a song the mun heard recently.

Oh, Tina’s losin’ faith in what she knows,

Hates her music, hates all of her clothes,

Thinks of surgery and a new nose,

Every calorie is a war.

And while she wishes she was a dancer,

And that she’s never heard of cancer,

She wishes God would give her some answers,

And make her feel beautiful. 


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Send me ’ ~♫’ For my muse to sing to yours, with random lyrics from a song the mun heard recently.
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Upon seeing the waterfall, Puss continued running faster than before.

Glancing over at Puss she noticed him speed up and tried to keep up, but his pace was faster than hers and she began to slow down a little. “Ah, I think you’ve got me beat.”

"Fifth night in a row and I couldn’t fall asleep. I think if this keeps up it’s gonna drive me insane." 

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Puss laughed, sprinting forward as he tried to catch up on her.

Trill kept running, throwing her arms up for a moment in excitement before spotting the waterfall up ahead. “So close!”


"For a hunter you’ve got a pretty good track record going for yourself, too."

"Cheers to that." 

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