Vodka Twist || Mal

It was an odd thing, to be dead and yet to have emotions. Rage, anger, frustration, all of it festering deep within what was left of her being but none of it doing its job. Lowering her hand, Trill stared up at the ceiling with a defeated groan.

“This is never going to work.” Although it was easy to say in that moment, the apparition knew otherwise, those emotions could be channeled to do wondrous and dangerous things, she’d seen it first hand when she’d been alive. It just took practice and patience, which right now she was lacking in both. “Just move already!” Balling her fists up she focused on the lid of the vodka bottle and poured all her anger into making it move, the only result was the flickering of lights above them.

“Fuck. This isn’t going to happen right now,” she groaned and crossed her arms. “I wish there was a ghost school for the dead to attend, then maybe I could learn a few things. However, did you see the lights flicker? I think that was me. I mean, it felt like I was doing something.” Walking over to the table with the bottle on it she waved her hand through it as if to knock it over and then turned back to the demon sheepishly. 



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Name: Come And Get Your Love
Artist: Redbone
Album: Guardians of the Galaxy
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this was the best opening scene to a movie I have ever seen

this came on at work and I had to stand still and it was terrible

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"Aha! Yes, very good."

What a piece of cake! If all children were as innocent and willing to help as this one was, he really should use them more often for nefarious schemes. He didn’t even need to force her to collect the food for him.

"Tell me, little girl, what name are you going by?"

“Yay!” Trill exclaimed enthusiastically, happy to have helped. “I’m glad I found you what you wanted.” Picking up her small container of strawberries, she pulled one out and popped it in her mouth. When the frog asked her what her name was, Trill quickly finished chewing to answer him. “My name is Trillium, mammy said I was named after a flower, but everyone calls me Trill, if you want to call me that too. What’s your name, Mister Frog Man?” 


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Headcanon #6 ~

When Trill was little she once came home from school to discover her pet fish (Teacup) and its fishbowl were missing from their place on the kitchen table. Immediately panicking that her fish had run away from home she began to make posters for her lost little friend. It wasn’t until her dad got home and reassured her that he’d only been cleaning the kitchen and moved Teacup to a new place of residence for the time being that she calmed down and realized that her fish hadn’t run away at all.

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You Are My Sunshine


Shaggy smirked at her, “I have all sorts of hidden talents, like some are more useful than others of course.” He moved their arms from side to side playfully, “Who said either of us was gonna make a move?” He raised an eyebrow curiously at her comment,  “And like just what exactly are your decisions?”

He tried not to react at all as she repositioned herself. If he showed any sign of weakness-she would have gained the upper hand. He couldn’t help but think a good poker face would have definitely come in handy at that moment,  “Uh oh. That looks like the face of somebody who’s looking to start trouble. I love you Trill but like don’t think for a second that it means I’m not gonna try and tickle you back if you go after me.”

Trill raised a brow at him, and then grinned, “I’m sure they’re all pretty useful in their different ways. But now I’m curious to discover what they all are.” She knew there was no way that she’d see them all relieved right now, but overtime she’d be on the lookout for these things. Giggling as he moved their arms, she glanced to the side, “Oh y’know, just deciding what my next move will be.”

Leaning down she pressed a kiss to his cheek before pulling back slightly. “Don’t worry I’m well aware you’ll try and get me back. Plus you’ve got a hold on my hands, there’s not much I can really do.” Rubbing her nose against his she laughed and then kissed him, “God you’re the best part of my morning, you know that?”

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"Someone stabbed me… But it didn’t reach any vital organ… At least I don’t think so" Clara drawled, trying to not concentrate on the pain she was feeling. "Yes… I guess so…" she murmured as she tried to walk towards the vehicle.



Trill’s eyes widened as she noticed the condition the other girl was in. Worriedly glancing behind them to make sure they were alone and not open for an attack by whoever had done such a horrendous thing in the first place.

“God, I’m so sorry someone did this to you. Did you get a look at the attackers face?” she asked and lightly wrapped an arm around the girls waist. “If you need to, lean into me for support. My car isn’t that far. Just right ahead of us.”

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Headcanon #5 ~

After falling through the ice while skating this past winter, Trill has been very nervous about being around cold water. So when it came time for her to do the Ice Bucket Challenge, she opted out. And instead donated to the cause, which you all can do so here. (Or if you’re in Canada, do so here).

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"Do you need any help?"

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"I-I don’t think so… Could you take me to the hospital?"

“Oh my god. Okay, hang on!” Trill called to the voice below and started heading down the stairs. Pulling out her car keys as she reached the end of the stairs, she rushed to the young lady, “What happened? Can you walk?”


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When the woman denied being her roommate her shoulders slumped slowly. “I guess I am, Miss” Macie retorted, her arms resting on her hips as she surveyed the other woman. She softened her expression somewhat and jogged down the couple steps that lead to her house. “Need some help with them?” she asked, her southern accent dragging out the words as she continued to walk towards her. “I did’n mean to be rude or anythin’ ” she insisted, blue eyes flickering over to the trunk of her car. ” ‘M Macie” she added as her hands reached out to grab hold of the bags in her car.


“Mhm, it seems like,” Trill grinned pleasantly. She was glad the place next door had finally sold, it seemed like forever since the place had gone up for sale. Glancing over at the groceries in her car as the girl mentioned them, she quickly began to stop her, “Oh no, it’s okay. There isn’t too much more. And don’t worry about it, you weren’t rude at all.” Noticing the girls eyes going to her groceries, Trill waved a hand, “Alright, if you insist, but after this let me make you some tea, or coffee, or lunch if you’d like.”


Leaning over to grab the next bag, she heaved it up and smiled at her new neighbour, “Pleased to meet you, Macie. I’m Trillium, but everyone calls me Trill. So where are you from?”

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