"Are you stealing my underwear?"


"St-stealing? No, no! I swear, I thought this was my room. I got confused.” Quickly dropping the underwear back inside the drawer she turned around. “I’m really sorry about this.” 

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A minute isn’t bad at all! And those look yummy!
Yeah but that makes it Wednesday. So like it’d have to be….um…like I don’t know. I can’t really think of anything that fits. And yes they are. Then again like I think most things are yummy. We should get apples and make them.

That’s true. You could call it ‘We’re Sorry It’s Late Wednesday!’… or… uh… ‘Work Out Wednesday’ with how to work off Topping’s Tuesday and a bonus! Because you add the missed Topping’s Tuesday at the bottom. I don’t know. That’s a lot to do. 

They are? You’ve had them before? Well, I’m already a step ahead of you! I’ve got a list of the ingredients we need and my car keys in hand! 

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You Are My Sunshine


He smiled back as she kissed the top of his head, “Then like I’m gonna keep getting them and just hope we’ll be safe.” Shaggy nodded. He still felt bad that she’d fallen down even if they had been having a tickle war, “Alright. Like the last thing I wanna find out is that you got hurt because of me.”  He glanced up at her and shrugged, “Or in general. But like especially not because of me.”

He beamed happily as she giggled, “Like I think I miiight be able to forgive you for almost tickling me to death if we did that.”  Not wasting a minute—he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, “. Just no sneak tickle attacks because like that was more exercise than I’ve gotten in the past year.” He let go just long enough for them to get comfortable before pulling Trill towards him again and leaning in to give her a kiss, “Like has anybody told you that you’re amazing lately?”

“Mm.” She met his gaze and nodded, “No. I get it. I’d hate to be the reason behind you getting hurt. Emotionally, physically, or otherwise. I never want to hurt you.” Trill never wanted to even imagine what it would be like if something happened to him because of her. It was a looming thought in the back of her mind because of her past and the people in it, but she hoped that if she tried hard enough she could keep them safe. Him and Scooby.

She smirked as he wrapped his arms around her, “That’s not true actually! You got plenty of exercise when we had that snowball fight back in February. But I agree, no more tickling. We’re done with that… for now. I would not be able to forgive myself if I tickled you to death. So it’s just going to have to be out of the question.” Once he pulled away so they could adjust themselves and they were settled, she didn’t hesitate to shift back on the bed and move closer, giggling as he pulled her into his arms. Returning the kiss she ran a hand along his arm lightly, listening to his words, “Not lately. Besides just now, of course. What brought that on?”

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Left Alone


Clara nodded once she said they were close to the hospital. Her eyes were shut down at this point and she wasn’t even reasoning straight. The pain fulfilling her body was insufferable and she found herself just wishing to die instead, not wanting to experience not even one more second of this. 

"Trillium? That’s an uncommon name. But a very beautiful one" she smiled and rested her head against the car’s window, watching the buildings passing so quickly, the dark night scenery was quite beautiful, illuminated by the moon’s light. "I’m Clara. Though you can call me Oswin. There’s a long story about this nickname, by the way. I hope I can tell you later" her words basically meant that she hope she could survive to tell. She wasn’t quite sure of what was going to happen to her, she didn’t know if she would pass from this night. But if she did it would definitely be a miracle to remember for the rest of her life.


“Aw. Thank you. My mam named me after her favourite flower, which doesn’t grow around here. Could be why it’s so uncommon.” Though Trill had never met anyone with her name before, even when she’d been to the place the flower was more known for. Didn’t mean there weren’t people out there with it though. “Clara. Now that’s a lovely name. And of course you’re going to tell me all about the nickname Oswin. Why wouldn’t you? You’ve certainly peaked my curiosity, so I want to hear all about it.”

Arriving at the hospital, Trill pulled in to a spot as close to the front emergency entrance as she could, and quickly shut the car off. “We’re here. Don’t move, I’ll come around to your side and help you out.” Quickly unbuckling, she got out and headed around to the passenger side, opening the door for Clara. “Just lean on me again, and hang in there.”

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Autumn in NYC

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Headcanon #9 ~

This isn’t even a headcanon, this is actual fact. The thread was just never made public on here. I just think it’s too cute not to have somewhere on my blog.

Shaggy once told Trill he couldn’t see her “green thumb”, so Trill went inside the house and painted her thumb green, so he could see it. 
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"Oh shit! Sorry. Sorry! I didn’t see you there! Are you okay?"

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"What exactly is this place?"


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"Aww, thank you, sweetie!  Yours is brilliant as well!"


"Aw. Thank you!" Trill beamed, blushing slightly. "Are you from Scotland?"

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"Indeed I am." Jack knelled down towards the little girl, a slight grin on his face.


"You must be.. Trilluim?"

Trill’s excitement began to grow at the conformation of who the man was before her. “You are?! I’ve always wanted to meet you, Captain Jack.” Although there was a misconception about his true occupation, but Ianto had never let on to her that he was anything other than a pirate.


“Yes. I’m Trillium. Mammy said I was named after a flower.” Taking a moment to catch her breath, she eagerly bubbled with excitement, “So are you really a pirate? Daddy says you’re a hero pirate too. He tells me stories of your adventures!”

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